A Carton Box

A Carton Box

as Lead Generator

With a client (PickupBox) we looked at new way’s to reach their customers in a competitive market; the storage & moving business. We came to the conclusion that the one thing the target audience needs are moving boxes. We figured that a carton box could be a great marketing tool. It gets carried around by multiple people and if sustainable, it could be reused and passed on to relatives and friends.

So I created a carton box with a connection to the actual product. A cardboard box with the PickupBox logo and on the top the following sentence:

“do you know my big brother?”,

Right next to it a QR-code (and a link) driving them to the PickupBox website. See below for pictures of the box and the storage unit.

  • "Do you know my big brother?"

  • The big brother

    The big brother

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